Effective Social Innovation


Planning Guide for Changemakers (Social Innovation Guide)

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Changemakers dream of a happy world freed of its fears and troubles. Are you one too? Do you have an innovative social change idea? ‘Effective Social Innovation’ starts you on your path to harness the full transformation potential of your idea. The book develops on a course conceptualized and taught at Brown University, USA, by practitioner and academician author, Jyoti Sharma.

Read the book to discover how you can build effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability into your changemaking program with the 4ORCE Social Innovation Framework. Developed by the author, the 4ORCE Framework fills a long-standing gap – that of a step by step guide to planning changemaking programs. The framework gives a simple process, rooted in a deep understanding of those we seek to serve and a determination for result oriented program design.

The book also reflects Jyoti’s belief that silos need to be broken if we are to transcend the limits of our thinking. It collapses the divide between theory and practice and then the divide between different academic disciplines. It has a unique writing style.

50 articles by academics from top global universities and disciplines as varied as psychology and engineering, are also reviewed in the book. These blend with narrations of her experiences as a social innovator to illustrate the 4ORCE Social Innovation Framework. It transplants theoretical concepts from different streams to create unconventional tools for social innovation practice.

Today’s world is simultaneously more integrated and fragmented. Engineering social change in this complex environment needs both – a mind trained to follow process and one untrained to allow out of the box ideas.

‘Effective Social Innovation’ – Planning Guide for Changemakers’ has the rigor of training and yet lets readers discover the value in transcendental thinking.

Read the book. Give wings to your social innovation ideas.